Fun online games to play when stoned

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May 11, 2010 · Playing games while high is probably one of my favorite things to do so, i'm posting a thread dedicated to playing games while high. i came up with a new one while high yesterday actually. this is how it goes: the rules are simple. come up with new words while high. its hilariously simple yet its really fun to do while high. post what you come up with here (if you can remember). if you guys

Full of action, mystery, challenge, and fun, the best video games to play stoned offer everyone, stoner or not, a chance to escape real life for a little bit and enter a new world. Stoned or not, these games are awesome, but I can't help but argue they're a little more fun when high. What’s the Most Popular Video Game to Play While High Unsurprisingly, with shooter games being the most popular among Leafly’s cannabis consumers, games rated “M” for “Mature” (meaning the content is suitable for players ages 17 and up) were similarly the most popular rating at 54%. However, titles rated “E” for “Everyone”... The Best Video Games to Play Stoned | Complex Aug 26, 2013 · The Best Video Games to Play Stoned. Attorney General Eric Holder has called for sweeping changes in the way the country prosecutes cases of marijuana possession. Dr. Sanjay Gupta, chief medical correspondent over at CNN, came out against the DEA classifying weed as a Schedule 1 controlled substance and supports medical marijuana. fun games to play when stoned? (NOT VIDEO GAMES) | Page 3

Dec 17, 2008 · fun games to play when stoned? (NOT VIDEO GAMES) Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by AlfonsoSancia, Dec 17, 2008.

Any game recommendations? Preferably something I don't have to download but you can still mention games that require you to download them.You select one of the SNSD members and you have to collect the things they like and avoid the things they hate. If you play as Sunny, collect the beer and... 15 Best Games to Play When You're Bored Even TI-84 calculator games, for you future architects and engineers out there. After all, who needs parabolas and higher education when you haveNot only does Duet feature simple-to-play, hard-to-master, obstacle-dodging gameplay and a killer chillstep soundtrack, but it also sports a deceptively...

Fun weed games to play with your stoner friends. Cannabis playing cards.This game is very similar to Taxi, but is best played with only two players. The first player takes one toke and then hands the jointIf you do it properly, you get an awesome head rush and quite stoned.

Stoned Mario | Marijuana Games The Stoned Mario marijuana game ... you may not be able to see the game above. To play, ... Want to play some different online marijuana games? Crop Defender; Stoned ... The Best Video Games to Play Stoned | Complex Here are Ten of the Best Video Games to Play Stoned. Which games do you think are best played with addition of a little THC?

This was a debate between me and my friends what there favourite game to play while high is and i wanted your guys opinion ob the best games to play while stoned, mine for example is shadow of the colossus like the art and soundtrack is just awesome.

Stupids games to do while stoned! | Marijuana Forums got a few games to do while high that we made me and my friend while stoned last night.-The lizards: move like a lizard! it's my FAVORITE of all the games, it's just so stupid!-The names makers: you say 2 letters (ex:r and t) now you must invent a name with those 2 letters (ex:Retita Titanoute) MUST be high to play this one. [req] fun games to play while stoned? - General Discussion ... I was wondering if any of you could suggest some funny games me and some mates could play while stoned, please share no matter how bizarre it may sound but please try keep it simple. just to give ...